Changed Covid-19 attendance codes

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The Department of Education and Training has advised uEducateUs that the following absence code is to be retired:

  • 214 - Sent home (temperature check)

What should schools use instead?

We’re advised that children sent home with any kind of illness should be marked as absent with the following code:

  • 200 - Medical Illness

When will this happen?

uEducateUs is updating our systems to remove code 214.

In the meantime, please use code 200 for any illness.

What happens to attendance marked with the old code?

As we have not been advised otherwise by the Department, attendance marked with code 214 remains in the system and will be pushed to Cases21 in the usual way.

Any schools that feel past entries of code 214 need to be updated, then do so at your discretion. If you require help in doing this, please contact the Support Team.

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