• For Schools

  • What is uEducateUs?

    uEducateUs is a School Management System, designed to better connect parents, teachers, students and schools through an easy-to-use online communication system.

  • How does it work?

    All users (parents, teachers and students) login to a central portal where teachers and administrators can update student attendance, tasks, permission slips, student reports and other essential communication. Parents can view attendance, tasks and permission slips, as well as communicate with their child’s teacher directly, as well as view their child’s reports, all from their smartphone or other internet-connected device including iPads, tablets, laptops and PCs.

  • What does uEducateUs do?

    uEducateUs combines school management and communication tools with easy access to important information for the people involved in a student's learning and wellbeing: including daily attendance, overview of student progress, timetable, medical alerts and emergency contacts.

    uEducateUs also offers a range of add-on features to address the needs of your school. For more information, see our packages page.

  • Who can see a students information?

    Other than their parents, all information about a student is restricted to only the relevant teacher(s) of that student and the school administrative staff.

  • How does uEducateUs better my school?

    Case studies have proven that schools that communicate better have greater student outcomes. uEducateUs is a system that helps bridge the communication gap schools currently face.

  • How does uEducateUs connect with existing school systems?

    Upon setup of the school, existing data is exported from systems such as CASES21 and set up within uEducateUs. Marking of roll call and other day-to-day school activities will automatically communicate with other systems as needed, meaning teachers don't have to perform the same task on multiple systems.

  • How do I as a Principal go about getting uEducateUs into my school?

    Talk to our sales team and ask about a free trial for your school.

  • General

  • What data is stored on the uEducateUs system?

    All data stored on the uEducateUs system is information provided when a student is enrolled into a school. Additional information is stored based on user interaction on the system. Only people directly engaged with your child’s education can view their information.

  • Where is the data stored?

    All data stored on the uEducateUs system is stored on secure Australian cloud storage, minimising the storage costs to schools while maintaining the integrity of the data. No data collected leaves the country and remains the intellectual property of the school.

  • How often is data backed up?

    Data is backed up every day and physical copies are downloaded from the system and taken off site weekly.

  • Is there an additional charge for the SMS function?

    While the SMS function comes as a standard part of the uEducateUs package, there is a mobile carrier charge for each SMS you send via the uEducateUs system.

    SMS can only be sent via an administrator and teachers do not have access to this feature for budgeting reasons.

    All SMS funds are prepaid and have no expiry.

Order uEducateUs for your school

uEducateUs is an ideal system for the every day operations at your school and is designed to better connect parents, teachers, students and schools through an easy-to-use online communication system.


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