uEducateUs is a revolutionary communication tool that changes the way schools, teachers, parents and students interact. It is unique in its application of an intuitive interface that allows direct communication between schools, parents and students.

By improving communication, uEducateUs enhances engagement for students, parents and teachers across all aspects of a child's education experience.

uEducateUs provides all users with the ability to communicate online and have access to homework, timetables and attendance as well as completing permission slips and medical information – all without the need for paper. Available across multiple platforms including smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop, users can log in anywhere, anytime and be immediately up to date. Engaged kids make happy students and ultimately, the aim of uEducateUs is to empower students and parents to take responsibility for their learning and to acquire the self-motivation, skills and knowledge that will support them throughout a lifetime of learning.

Stay Connected

uEducateUs provides easy access to important information for the people involved in a student's learning and wellbeing including a complete overview of student progress, roll call displays, daily and weekly tasks, report card, medical alerts and emergency contacts.

Teachers and administrators can create electronic permission slips which can be signed off by parents online, eliminating the problems associated with the paper-based system. It also makes it unnecessary for medical issues and contact information to be filled in for every event that a student attends because all necessary information will already be stored within the system. A Risk Register is generated which includes all the risks which may be encountered while students are away on an excursion.

The uEducateUs program revolutionises school administration and information systems. It is a secure, streamlined platform which is designed to easily integrate with other systems.

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uEducateUs is an ideal system for the every day operations at your school and is designed to better connect parents, teachers, students and schools through an easy-to-use online communication system.


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