A Complete School Management System

The uEducateUs team works closely with schools, teachers, parents, students to improve education and keep everyone connected.


  • Manage students, classes, subjects, year levels.
  • Send messages and announcements.
  • Issue emergency alerts.
  • Well-being support.
  • Medical information.


  • Mark attendance.
  • Assign tasks/assignments.
  • Generate reports.
  • Performance tracking.
  • Send class reminders.
  • Communicate directly with students and parents.


  • Track attendance.
  • Monitor results.
  • Performance tracking.
  • View upcoming events.
  • View student tasks.
  • Communicate directly with teachers.


  • View Timetables.
  • View upcoming events.
  • View homework tasks.
  • View realtime results.
  • Communicate directly with teachers.
  • Individual Learning Plans.


uEducateUs provides easy access to important information for the people involved in a student's learning and wellbeing including a complete overview of student progress, roll call displays, daily and weekly tasks, report card, medical alerts and emergency contacts.


Detailed recording of student attendance that includes the ability to issue sick or absent notes.


Enable communication between parents, teachers and students.

Results and Tasks

Set assignments and tasks for students to view and complete online.


Effortlessly generate student academic reports, including end of semester and progress reports.

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uEducateUs is an ideal system for the every day operations at your school and is designed to better connect parents, teachers, students and schools through an easy-to-use online communication system.


Student attendance can now be recorded online, allowing for a much more reliable and up to date source of information for the school and parent. Parents can also provide sick and absent notes via the system, both in advance and for previous absent days.


This is a way to encourage communication between parents, teachers and students when conventional means of communication are often impracticable or inconvenient, e.g. when the teacher's phone number or e-mail address is not known. The system automatically creates a contact list for each user. Each parent has a contact list of all their children's teachers. Users can attach files and view whether or not the recipient has viewed their last message sent.


Teachers can effortlessly generate student academic reports, including end of semester and progress reports. Parents can then easily view their child's reports through either the uEducateUs system or a paper-based version.

Teachers can also comment on student progression throughout the semester, saving time in generating end of semester reports. In addition, teachers can keep track of how well their students are performing through several different graphs.

Results and Tasks

Teachers can set assignments and tasks for students to view and complete online. Parents have the ability to access and view this information from their own accounts as well as see their child's results.

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